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Join in Our Annual Events our yearly events which are organized around the events of the life of Jesus in keeping with the  early Christian pattern of liturgical calendar which was organized around the events of the life of Jesus. This pattern helps  us against reckoning our time and inoculates us against organizing our time by worldly standards and cultures around us. It helps keeps our focus where it should be, on Jesus Christ by going through the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus and the gift of the Spirit every year after year.

  • Advent - 21 Days Glory 

This is the period before Christmas. Advent means “coming,” and it commemorates and remembers the coming of Jesus, the coming of the Son of God as our redeemer.  During this period, we prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ and reflect on the various ways in which God comes to us again and again through the course of history and we take a moment to dwel on the final coming of Jesus, when he will come to judge the living and the dead.  

  • Christmas -  Thanksgiving

During Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the glory of Jesus's life. We reflect on those moments when Jesus’ sonship to the Father became especially evident and especially manifest: at his baptism, on the Mount of Transfiguration, and so on.

  • Lent - 40 Days Of Power (Fasting & Prayers)

With lent we enter and reflect on the sufferings of Jesus. For 40 days we enter into a fast and spend time in meditating on the cost of our salvation, on the sufferings of Jesus Christ for our redemption. We remember the life of Jesus and remember his death, burial, and sufferings of Jesus—the crucifixion.


  • Easter Retreat & Breakfast

The lent period concludes with a great burst of light, the celebration of Jesus’ triumph over death, at Easter. We end period with Easter Retreat & Breakfast.



  • Ascension - 5 Days Of Ascent

Forty days after Easter, Jesus ascended to heaven and was seated at the right hand of his Father. We join the church of God on earth to commemorated and celebrated that enthronement to the right hand of the Father in Ascension Day.


  • Pentecost - Worship & Thanksgiving

This is the day of the coming of the spirit. As promised, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit upon his apostles Ten days after he ascended into heaven. On this day, the apostles could speak in tongues and the apostles could carry on Jesus’ mission on earth so we join the church to celebrate this day of Pentecost. 

                                              Annual Events
  • Annual Convention
  • Easter Retreat & Breakfast
  • Women Of Grace Awards
  • Ancient Of days Youth Fellowship
  • Christmas Carol
  • End Of The Year Thanksgiving 
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