We have two major events that take place in different parts of the world throughout the year namely "Tent Of Meeting" and "Dedication Service". 

  • Tent Of Meeting OF MEETING LIBERIA  2020

Tent Of Meeting is a multi-day Christian revival event that God mandated Ancient Of Days Ministries to organise around the world to give men and women opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the Holy Ghost! The purpose is to bring healing to the hurting world and to display the raw power of God through healing, deliverance and miracles. Tent of meeting helps local churches in the area to gain new converts and to call sinners to repent.


This is a very joyful occasions in the life of the mothers! During this special dedication service moms have the opportunity dedicate and rededicate their children to the God od Abraham Isaac and Jacob. God told me that as our mothers obey and do this, when Jesus comes back,  He will take the children to heaven no matter what satan does because, they are dedicated to Jesus Christ!The dedication service is a very significance event to the congregation.